Full Body Tonic

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Full Body Tonic is cool, refreshing and soothing. Containing a blend of essential oils, including lemon, orange and spearmint, Full Body Tonic will leave you smelling like that old world barbershop scent. Full Body Tonic was inspired by the iconic Florida Water created in the 1800. Our interpretation of the iconic cologne is full body and enhanced with essential oils to cool and refresh.

Full Body Tonic works in seven ways:


  • After shave and after shower 
  • Face toner,
  • light fragrance,
  • Deodorizer and Re-freshener
  • Sanitizer with 70% organic alcohol


Vegan - Paraben Free - Phthalates Free - Gluten Free - Gender Neutral


Note  Return three of same empty bottles and receive a fourth free. 




    Top Lemon, Sweet Orange Peel, Spearmint, 
    Heart Rosemary, Pink Grapefruit, Juniper Berry
    Base Cedarwood, Sweet Basil, Cypress, Wild Oregano, 


    60ml / 2 fl oz


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